The Difference Between 2 and 3

The Difference Between 2 and 3

So, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I’ve been going through a pretty big weight loss journey for the last 8 months or so. I moved out to Montana and started a new job way back in August. After being off-work for six months before that, spent mostly laying on a love seat and consuming my body weight in junk food, I weighed a ton. Not literally a ton, but close.


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I keep finding white hairs in my beard…

I keep finding white hairs in my beard…

I keep finding white hairs in my beard…

I’m not saying that I’m old or anything. Thirty isn’t really old, is it? I mean, I don’t feel old. Most of the time, I still think of myself as being the same asshole teenager I was a decade ago. Then, I start working on writing, and I realize exactly how far I’ve come in life.

Right now, I’m working on the second Seven Keys Saga book. If you haven’t…

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I Can’t Win. (R-Rated)

I Can’t Win. (R-Rated)

You want to know the truth about the world? There is absolutely nothing you can do to win.

No matter how hard you work your ass off. No matter what you do, the world is going to fuck you.

Not just a little either.

We’re talking full on 50-Shades Bondage fucking. We’re talking 2-Girls-1-Cup.

The world just has a hate-filled hard-on.


I’ve been trying, pretty hard, to get myself stabilized…

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In honor of Seven Keys Book 1 - Choices coming out April 1st, I’ve decided to do a novella about one of the lesser used ensemble characters. I really liked Leigh as a character, and felt like she didn’t get enough page time in Choices.

So, I’ve decided to explore her background a little and flesh her out as a character.

I’ve also decided that it would be fun to try writing it on Wattpad, raw and unedited. Kind of a way to let the audience come along with me as I create the story.

I hope you all enjoy it.